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L.M. Hayberg Restoration Network L.L.C. can assist you and your insurance company with the steps required before reconstruction begins. Protecting Your Property L.M. Hayberg Restoration Network L.L.C. can provide emergency services to protect your property from further damage. These services include board up, plumbing, heating and electric, as well as other services to secure your home and property.

Working With Your Insurance Company
L.M. Hayberg Restoration Network L.L.C. meets with your insurance company adjuster so that we can agree on the Scope of Damage and prepare our estimate under the guidelines of that particular insurance company.

Detailed Damage Estimate
L.M. Hayberg Restoration Network L.L.C. prepares a detailed estimate of all damages from fire, water, and smoke. Our experienced estimators document all damage and anticipate hidden damage caused by water and smoke penetration.

Preparing All Necessary Paperwork
We will help you prepare all necessary paperwork required by your insurance company, mortgage company and/or your local Village or City.

Peace of Mind
We will give you peace of mind during this difficult time so you can concentrate on your family and profession.

Repairing Your Property with L.M. Hayberg Restoration Network L.L.C.

Repair Specifications No work will be done until you approve the repair specifications. will receive a copy of the repair specifications and we will begin work only after your approval.

You Approve Materials We will bring color charts, wallpaper, carpeting, title, and other samples to you. If you prefer, you may visit our suppliers' showrooms.

All the Details We are licensed, bonded, insured, will obtain all necessary permits for your repair job and we are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

We Do Not Wait For Your Insurance Check We can start the reconstruction process immediately after the repair specifications have been approved by you.

Completion Date You will be given a completion date in writing. And all construction will be completed by this date.

Quality Construction We employ only professional craftsmen who take tremendous pride in their work.